Once you’ve set up your lead generating machine, you’ll soon see: not all leads are equal. How do you figure out who’s worth your time and effort? That’s where lead scoring comes into play.

Lead scoring is a way to quantify your leads by attaching a value to them depending on different types of engagement. Once you attracted a lead to your business with your inbound marketing, they get scored for taking certain actions. Lead scoring then helps qualify your leads and make sure you spend your resources on the most promising ones.

Let’s quickly run through an example:

+ Download lead magnet, e.g. eBook: add 5 points

+ Watch a short product overview video: add 7 points

+ Watch a full-fledged webinar (replay): add 15 points

– Job role is not a good match: deduct 10 points

+ Fill out opt-in form: add 7 points

– Unsubscribe from list: deduct 10 points

You see where we’re going with this.

Surprisingly, nearly 80% of B2B marketers don’t use this powerful technique in their arsenal of inbound marketing tools. Lead scoring allows for immediate feedback for your sales organization to indicate who’s a better lead and efforts should be directed towards.

Identification of your hottest leads gives you the confidence to communicate with them knowing they’re not only aware of your business and products but are also interested in buying. This moves your lead communications on to a whole new level.

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