Is the right growth strategy enough to keep growing?

Revenue growth is essential to the success of any company. That said, if driven too hard, it can come at a high cost. I do believe that high performing environments where achievements are celebrated and rewarded unleash high performance in people. However, the performance race has become very intense, and often we find ourselves running a marathon at the speed of a 100-meter sprint.


Our environment today and tomorrow

The VUCA world has further added toughness – not even to speak about what the pandemic has done to many of us – and as we are moving into the BANI environment, speed and complexity are moving up to the next level. Given that train has departed and there is literally not much we can do to stop or slow it down, the question that I have been asking myself for a long time, is how can companies win that race and make their growth sustainable?

Obviously, a company needs a growth recipe that drives the top line and outperforms its competitors. However, any successful strategy, is grounded on the collective intelligence and competences of the people working in a company. So those need to flourish. But how is that possible long term when there is constant change, growing pressure and increasing complexity? When being constantly “on” has become the new normal and time to pause and recover is rare?

A case for mindfulness

I looked at many possible ways to address this challenge, but everything seemed to be working for short term only as it was too time consuming, involved too much of a change and hence, was too difficult to sustain. However, then I discovered the world mindfulness with the possibility of integrating it seamlessly into the daily life, be it at work or at home.

A vast number of techniques, tools and practices help the mind to leave the autopilot and increase the level of consciousness and self-leadership. In the setting of an organization, mindfulness contributes to an environment where growth minds can flourish, innovate and embrace the future with resilience, focus, creativity and compassion. It provokes a mindset of curiosity and calls for a culture that is non-judgmental and gets build on trust.

Many enough reasons for me to get certified in Corporate Mindfulness and help my clients to develop the leaders, teams and employees that collaborate better together, navigate resiliently and calmly through change and crisis and co-create a sustainable way ahead.


Growing minds – growing people – growing revenue, this is what CGEM is all about.

Want to find out more about corporate mindfulness and the positive effects it can have on you, your team, your business?

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